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The Eyes are the Window to the Soul, and the Eyebrows, the Frame. Bring your inner beauty outward with a handcrafted set of eyelash extensions 

Capricorn Classics

Capricorn Classics are perfect for:

  • Clients looking for a more natural look
  • Clients with a lot of natural lashes
  • Clients who are just getting started with extensions!
Gemini Hybrids

Gemini Hybrid lashes are  a perfect mix of volume fans and individual lashes carefully curated for your individual need.

Perfect for:

  • Clients who are looking for a more dramatic and glamorous look compared to the classics
  • Clients who want more fullness in their lash look, but are not ready for a full volume set
Virgo Volumes

Carefully crafted, these extensions incorporate 4-6 individual lashes fanned out for maximum volume, and applied flawlessly to each individual eyelash.

Looking to:

  • Step up your lash game to the next level!

Best for:

  • Clients who have thick natural lashes, but enjoy the look of strip lashes



Mega Aries

10-12 individual lashes per natural lash brings out the fullest and most jaw-dropping appearance, sure to turn heads.

Only for:

  • Clients experienced with extensions
  • Clients looking for the fullest look on the market!
Permanent Makeup

Shorten your daily makeup routine!

  • Perfect look every day
  • Smudge-proof, water resistant
  • Quick recovery, lasts 1-5 years!
Cancer's Microblading

Have thinning to non existent eyebrows? Let Cancer to do its magic!

Perfect for:

  • Clients who are experiencing some hair loss and wants to achieve very natural looking eyebrows
  • Clients who want a natural looking, long lasting, easy, effective, painless, and safe solution to thinning brows!
Libra Lip Blushing

Balance out and enhance the color, shape, and fullness of your lips

Looking to:

  • Increase the color and fullness of your lips without touchups for up to 3 years



    Taurus Ombre Powder Brows

    A cosmetic tattoo technique using natural pigments, that create a gradient effect on your eyebrows, giving them a soft powdered look.

    Best for:

    • Clients experienced with Microblading
    • Clients looking for the fullest look on the market!


                                                                             *New Services


    * Permanent Makeup – Free Consult


    * Cancer’s Microblading Brows – $325


    * Libra Lip Blushing – $400  

    * Taurus Powder Ombre Brows – $350


    Capricorn Classics – $140

     Fills – $60

    Gemini Hybrids  –  $150

    Fills – $70


    Virgo Volumes  – $170

    ( 4-6 Lashes on every 1)

    Fills – $80

     Mega Aries  – $190

    ( 10-12 Lashes on every 1)

    Fills – $90









    What They Say

     I have been getting my lashes done with sofia since May and I absolutely love it. She is fantastic and we have always had great conversations. I recommend this place to all of my friends!

    Lashology is the place to go for eyelash extensions! Sofia really  knows what she is doing! Always kind, and makes sure you are comfortable at all times. Definitely recommend going here!”

    I highly recommend Sofia and Lashology, she always kills it 😍. Always open for appointments & super easy to book. I highly recommend her.

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